Undergraduate Admissions Process

  1. Apply online at Complete the online application and pay the $40 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Compose a 1 to 2 page double spaced essay based on the following questions:
    1. Why have you chosen to study at Hope International University?
    2. How has your family, church, or other relationships influenced your decision to attend HIU?
    3. How do you see your educational goals as being helpful in advancing the mission of Christ?
    4. What factors are most important to you in making a final college choice?
  3. Submit official transcripts and test scores by mailing them to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
    • Request official transcript(s).
    • This includes all coursework taken from 9th grade to the present. If any high school or college work is in progress at the time of this application, be sure an additional final transcript is sent when the work is completed. *Transfer students must submit official transcripts for all college course work.
    • Request results of the (SAT) or (ACT) tests.
    • *If you took one of these tests at the high school from which you graduated, the results may be recorded on your transcript. Check with the high school personnel when requesting your transcript. Student copies will not be accepted.
    *Note: if you have been out of high school for more than 5 years or if you have 24 units of transferable college credit, you will not need to submit SAT or ACT test scores.
  4. Reference Information
    Provide the contact information for two references including a Church Leader and an Educator/Employer. Required reference information: name, name of church or school, title, address, phone, and email.
  5. Academic requirements considered for acceptance to Pacific Christian College:
    • Minimum High School Grade Point Average: 2.5--based on a 4.0 scale--(excludes 9th grade and non-academic classes)
    • Minimum test scores: ACT = 20, SAT = 900 (Math & Critical Reading) (Test score is not needed if student has been out of High School for five years or more, or has accumulated 24 or more units of college credit.)


Homeschool students who are not affiliated with a homeschool association must pass the G.E.D. (General Educational Development Test )

Consideration for admission will be made after all the required credentials are received by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Once an admission status is determined, you will be notified in writing. If the decision is favorable, you will be accepted for admission to Pacific Christian College of Hope International University subject to the successful completion of high school (or the GED) or equivalent proof of graduation from high school. If you are transferring from another college, we require official, complete college transcripts from every college/University previously attended, proof of high school graduation before being admitted HIU

Although no prescribed courses are required for admission to the University, we recommended that you complete the following courses while in High School to better prepare you to succeed while enrolled at HIU:

  • 4 years of college preparatory English
  • 2 years of college preparatory Math (Algebra, Geometry, etc.)
  • 1 year of U.S. History or Government
  • 1 year of Laboratory Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)
  • 1 year of Foreign Language
  • 1 semester of Speech
  • 1 semester of World History
  • 3 years of Electives (English, Math, Social Science, History, Lab Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Agriculture, etc.)

If you are an international student, click here for Admissions Requirements and Procedures.


Contact us at the Undergraduate Admission Office, 866-722-HOPE or