HIU Alum Opens Her Heart to Haitian Children with Disabilities

Courtney Pierce (BA '08)When Courtney Pierce (FS ’09) went to Haiti two years ago to do her internship for her children’s ministry major, she was so touched by the overwhelming needs of the Haitian people that she decided to make Haiti her second home and is still serving there today.

When Courtney first arrived in Haiti, rather than being met by the orphanage director, she was met by some peculiar news - the director whom she was to be working under had been evacuated to the U.S. for a medical emergency. When she asked who was in charge, the Haitian people pointed to her, and therein began Courtney’s short-term-turned-long-term adventure in Haiti.

Pierce’s compassion grew as she saw that children born with disabilities were not cared for and were literally ostracized because of the Haitian belief that disabilities were brought on as the result of a curse. Pierce believes that every child deserves to be showered with love and to have someone believe in them. Her goal is that every child or adult with special needs is offered unrelenting love, stubborn compassion, and ultimate joy.

The orphanage, The Miriam Home, offers children personal space, identity, nutritional support, a loving staff, brothers and sisters, potential and love. Another arm of this ministry is Rou’s Corner, which cares for babies with severe disabilities who have a potentially limited time on earth.

Today the orphanage is thriving and Pierce hopes to one day hand it over to be completely run by Haitians. She hopes to use this same ministry model in other areas of the world in the future.

A full-length article on Pierce was featured in the OC Register on 11/23/10 and on on 11/22/10. Click here to read the full article.

Also visit Pierce’s webpage here, or find out more about the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, the parent organization to the Miriam Center, by clicking here.

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