Through DSU Partnership, The World Comes To Us

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Global service and ministry are at the core of Hope International University’s mission but, sometimes, home turf is the best place to serve.

Last spring, 100 students from Dongseo University (DSU) in Busan, Korea completed a year of study at HIU, the first year of a three-year agreement between DSU and HIU. Students were enrolled as full-time students, and their coursework included English as a Second Language courses. DSU students had the opportunity to live, learn, play, worship, and talk with HIU students, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the places and activities of Orange County, California.

Chloe - DSU

Student Ka Hyeon Yoon (“Chloe”) is pursuing both a degree and career in acting, and she applied to the program because she wanted to experience a different culture, lifestyle, and way of thinking, but she found other benefits, too.

“My favorite part of Orange County is the weather,” she said, “and my favorite part of HIU is the kindness of the staff to our students.”

Scott - DSU

Student Kang Hwoan Kim (“Scott”) is studying health administration, and said that it was a difficult decision to participate in the program, because he is older than most students, but he said his mother convinced him to apply. “She told me, ‘Maybe this is your last chance to go to America.  You cannot miss it – do not lose this opportunity.”

Scott enjoyed his conversations with native English speakers and he was impressed by Americans’ treatment of the disabled. “When I took a bus, an old man waited at the bus with his wheelchair. The bus driver stopped the bus and made a space for the old man and his wheelchair. It took more than five minutes, but no one on the bus complained about it. It was very nice,” he recalled.

Like Chloe, Scott enjoyed his interactions with the HIU staff. He was particularly impressed that a Vice President of the University would speak to him. “I never knew that I could say ‘hello’ to anyone, no matter his or her position,” he marveled. “I also like how Americans hold the door and say ‘thank you’.”

He appreciated the HIU experience and said it broadened his world view.  “The world is so much wider than I thought!” he declared.

DSU is a prestigious, faith-based University in Korea, known for its rigorous curriculum and global education focus. Its tagline is “Top ten and to the world” and it attracts students from all around the globe who are strong academic achievers with high career aspirations, and the University partners with numerous sister universities all over the world to provide its students with a global education.

Over the past several years, HIU has hosted a small group of DSU students each semester through the Institute for International Studies ESL program. The success of these groups served as a launching pad for progressively adding partnership components with DSU, and University officials believe that the partnership is an opportunity to build relationships in the local community, too.

Dr. John Derry, President of HIU, says that Hope values this partnership. “We look forward with great anticipation to a long tradition of collaboration,” he said. “We also hope that this relationship enhances our interaction with and service to the large Korean population in our region. Sometimes, we go out into the world. In our partnership with DSU, the world comes to us.”

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