Alumni Hosts History Channels Latest Series, “Hidden Cities”

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Photo - Anthony Morse (BA '92)Anthony Morse (B.A. Biblical Studies ‘02) has spent the last few months blazing trails and uncovering unique and interesting stories in Asia as a new host for the History Channel’s flagship series, Hidden Cities. The television series will take viewers on an exciting and mysterious tour of the cities of Beijing, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, with Anthony as their host. Join him as he explores “the little known sides of cities and places across Asia you thought you knew”.

Anthony is an American Rawang, which is an ethnic minority group found in China, Burma, and Thailand, and speaks fluent English and Thai. He was born in the U.S. and raised in Thailand where he currently resides. Anthony’s adventurous spirit and quest for variety has led him to his latest venture of working with History on this exciting new series. Anthony says that when he heard that the History channel was looking for a host for the new series, he said “I love people, travelling and learning, so of course I had to apply.” Anthony is the ideal person for the job!

Join Anthony as he explores places like a nuclear bunker in Beijing, a snake-infested prison island in Malaysia, a mountain stronghold in Taiwan, and more. Check out a clip, read Anthony’s blog, and find out more here!

Catch the premiere this Sunday, October 24th at 10PM.

Anthony’s parents are also alums of HIU and have accomplished some amazing work. Read more about them here.

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