HIU Professors Equipping the Saints Here and Abroad

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HIU Professors Equipping the Saints Here and Abroad
We are immensely proud of our Faculty and their notable service in and out of the classroom. Here are just a few of the places around the community and around the world where HIU professors are using their gifts and talents:

First Christian New Life Community Center Church and Academy, Compton, CA
Dr. Steve Whitmer taught a tailor-made version of our “World Christian Movements” mission course in November 2009 and will be teaching the same again this October.

Dr. Joseph Grana taught “Life of Chris” in March 2010. These students are not only from the church there, but are from all around the area, including some from the homeless community of downtown LA.

Hope College, Alexandria, Egypt
Drs. Steve & Linda Whitmerwill be co-teaching a masters level missions course at Hope College in Alexandria, Egypt, during the month of August 2010. Last year, Linda taught a class on Early Christian History and Steve taught Pauline Epistles (undergraduate level).

Dr. Joseph Grana was on the same teaching trip in 2009 and taught Theology of Ministry.

Ibero-American Ministries, Maipu, Chile
Dr. Joseph Grana taught “Life of Christ” in Maipu, Chile, in November 2009 through Ibero-American Ministries. Ibero-American Ministries is run by HIU alumnus Dr. Doug Kallestad (MA ‘87).

Revival Christian Fellowship, School of Ministry, Menifee, CA
Dr. Joseph Grana taught "Hebrew History" for five weeks (Sept/Oct 2009), "Hermeneutics" for three weeks (Jan/ Feb 2010), and "Evangelism" for three weeks (May 2010)

Dr. David Matson taught a five week course during the spring 2010 semester introducing students to the use of Greek in interpreting the New Testament.

In March and again in December of 2009, HIU Professor K.C. Richardson taught a brief, three week (six hour) introduction to Christian history. “Needless to say we don’t get to everything, but it did give participants an opportunity to think about some interesting topics in Church history that may have been unfamiliar to them. It looks like I’ll be doing it again in December.”

Dr. Steve Richardson taught a five week course on “Theology of Ministry” as a shortened version of our full semester class (Sept/Oct 2009).

Dr. Linda Whitmer taught a class in “Cults and World Religions” during April 2010. She has taught this same class there for the last two years.

Tavriski Christian Institute (TCI), Kherson, Ukraine

In May 2010, Drs. Steve and Linda Whitmertaught two courses at the Tavriski Christian Institute (“TCI”) in Ukraine. “Steve and I taught courses at Tavriski Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine. I taught 18 students in a course on ‘Cults and World Religions’ - focusing on cults that are targeting Ukraine since the end of Russian rule. Steve taught a class on ‘Missions’ with 36 students. He focused on missions from the perspective of the Ukrainian and Eastern European area churches, with their needs and opportunities in mind.”

United States

Professors Steve and Cora Alley were busy this past year leading conferences in many places. Steve taught a six week course in Menifee, CA, on Creative Teaching and Curriculum Development. He also was workshop leader in the Calvary Chapel International Children’s Ministry Conference. Both Steve and Cora were conference leaders for marriage retreats in Menifee and Mission Viejo, CA. In addition to other conferences, they were co- authors of “The Marriage Mystery, a Marriage Retreat for Church and Home,” and “The Parables of Jesus: a Drama-based Series of Children’s Ministry Curriculum Designed for Home Schools.”

Dr. Joseph Sung Hwan Cho of the Music faculty recently authored a book entitled, “Worship Message for the Church Choir.” Along with his wife, Dr. Sung Wan Cho, Joseph taught a Worship Conference in Busan, South Korea, with about 1,000 participants. On July 9 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA, he will direct the Seoul National University Alumni Chorale with a full orchestra.

Adjunct Professor Kelly Dagley recently presented a paper entitled “Ruth, Type-Scenes, and the Third Space” at the Society for Biblical Literature, Pacific Coast Regional Conference at Arizona State University.

Dr. Thomas Frederick recently authored a book entitled, “A Christian Perspective on Hope, Expectancies and Therapy.” He made a presentation on “Grief and Young Children” at the annual Association of Christian Schools International conference.

Adjunct Professor Rebecca Goldstone is the co-author of four of six books in a spiritual-transformation series entitled “CONNECT.” She has been a consultant to the Navigator National Training Team and recently served with them in a training session in Texas on how to effectively reach the next generation and engage in spiritual transformation.

Dr. Curtis Holtzen presented a paper entitled, “Bruce (not so) Almighty: Human Transformation and Divine Limitation”, at the Faith, Film and Philosophy conference held at Gonzaga and Whitworth Universities. In the coming academic year he will be on sabbatical, with plans to work on a “Keith Ward Reader.”

Adjunct Professor Bob Kuest has just published the second edition of “Uncommon Leadership: Servant Leadership in a Power-Based World.” This book has been translated into nine languages with five more in progress. A new book entitled, “The Basis of True Leadership” will be published in early summer. He and his wife Peggy continue to teach around the world, having taught in nine countries this year.

Dr. David Matson wrote a follow up article on the author of the Lunenburg Letter (the first article was printed in the Stone-Campbell Journal, Vol 11, 2008). The research for the article took him to the State Library of Virginia as well as rural parts of Virginia. The research reveals some intriguing details of the mysterious woman of Lunenberg, who created the first great controversy in the history of the Restoration Movement.

Professor Roberto Sirvent was the guest speaker for the Mission Trainers Forum at the National Missionary Convention last fall. He is attending Bread for the World’s training workshop this summer as a Hunger Justice leader. He continues to conduct research for his Ph.D program.

Dr. David Timms has published his third book entitled “Sacred Waiting: Waiting on God in a World that Waits for Nothing.” His fourth book, “The Power of Blessing: Reclaiming the Life-Giving Words of Jesus,” will be published this fall. He has had numerous articles published in the LOOKOUT magazine. During the 2010 North American Christian Convention in Indianapolis he will lead a workshop on Spiritual Formation.

Dr. George West, newly appointed Dean of the College of Education at HIU, was recently elected to the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education. He has set as a goal to visit and meet the staff of all 70 schools in the district.

Dr. Steve Whitmer and Dr. Linda Whitmer have been busy teaching and writing. They both taught in Santiago, Chile, in Tavriski Christian Institute in Kherson, Ukraine, and in Egypt. They will teach again this year in Egypt and in the Ukraine. Linda recently wrote “Instructors Manual for Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge-13th Edition.”

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