New Master of Church Music Program Begins Fall 2012

Beginning in the Fall of 2012, Hope International University will offer a Master of Church Music degree for Korean students. The campus-based program will be taught entirely in Korean and is open to all students who meet admission requirements.

The 49-unit degree includes a core set of ministry, academic/theoretical music, and practical/applied music courses. Like other graduate ministry programs at HIU, the MCM offers a balanced educational approach, focusing on four areas: Scriptural Development, Service in Context, Spiritual Formation, and Skills for Ministry. The program will equip students to plan and lead a worship service, supervise a church ministry, and exemplify a strong foundation of biblical values in their leadership. Upon completion of the degree, students will also be able to conduct and demonstrate familiarity with modern musical technologies.

Hope has had a long-standing relationship with the Korean community and has had students from Korea study abroad at the Fullerton campus for many years. The 2011-2012 school year saw 100 students from Dongseo University in Korea spend a full year studying at HIU. Dr. Joseph Grana, Dean of the Pacific Christian College of Ministry and Biblical Studies, said the MCM degree was something many current and prospective students were asking about. He sees the program as another step toward increasing HIU’s academic offerings.

Recruitment efforts are underway, said Dr. Joseph Cho, Chair of the Music Department. Efforts are being focused internationally as well as in Orange County, which includes approximately 90,000 Korean citizens, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With an estimated 16,000 Koreans in Fullerton alone, nearly half of the city’s total Asian population, Dr. Cho believes the MCM program will enable HIU to continue to deepen its relationship with the local Korean community and churches. Both he and Dr. Grana hope to be able to offer the MCM in English in the future.

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