HIU Faculty Member Authors Book on Leading Church Choirs

Dr. Joseph ChoDr. Joseph Sung Hwan Cho, Associate Professor of the Pacific Christian College Music Department and Music Pastor at Sarang Community Church in Anaheim, was recently published by Yesol Press (2010) for his latest book, “Worship Message for the Church Choir.” The book, written in Korean, describes his approach to leading the church choir in what he terms “five-minute ministry.” Before each worship service, Dr. Cho shares a scripture passage on worship or praise to remind the choir of their responsibility to not only lead musically but also to provide intercessory prayer for the worship service.

“Throughout my ministry career as a music director, God has shown so many blessings so I decided to share with other music pastors about the five minute ministry. The best moments of my life are when I direct choir with orchestra and worship band because I sing, proclaim and lead about what I believe in and what I risk my life to Him who died and was resurrected as Lord and Savior,” says Dr. Cho.

Dr. Cho has taught at HIU for 15 years and has been the Music Director of Seoul National University Alumni Association Chorale since 2006. The book is available for purchase at or at the Sarang Community Church bookstore.

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