Beauty and the Beast Sells Out Multiple Performances

Photographs by Kip Dochterman

This year, the Music Department of Hope International University presented the spring musical production of the heart-warming fairy tale, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. For the first time in school history, we had three sold out performances! With familiar songs, beloved characters, a beautiful stage set, fanciful costumes and a time-honored story of love and redemption, Beauty and the Beast was a big hit with audiences of all ages.

Special matinee showings were offered to local schools, which allowed children in grades K-12 to experience live musical theatre free of charge. The young guests were also treated to “Lunch with the Cast” on the green at HIU. Children were giddy with excitement as they were able to meet their favorite characters and collect autographs from cast members.

Evening performances were equally well-received, as each night the auditorium was packed with appreciative and enthusiastic audiences. Hundreds of HIU alumni and friends of the university gathered for a special VIP reception catered by Bon Appétit before the final evening performance.

“Directing this group of students was a great privilege,” Ember Williams, the show’s director, said. “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is probably one of the most well-known recreated fairytales. The show has outstanding music and larger-than-life characters. It required a great deal of creative ingenuity from both cast and directors to try to live up to audience expectations of what a Disney show should be like. We were so blessed by the audience response, and seeing them truly enjoy what we put together on stage was a great reward. I’m so proud of this group of Hope students. They are Christ’s servants and His heart shows in everything they do.”

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