B.A. Cross-Cultural Business Administration

At Hope, the Cross-cultural Business Administration major is intended for students who wish to engage in missionary service with a foundation in business and management, as well as individuals interested in becoming leaders in business or non-profit organizations. This inter-disciplinary approach incorporates key elements of the Business and Management major with the essential components of the Intercultural Studies major.

Recent trends in the global missions field show an increased demand for “tent-making” missionaries. Tent-makers are missionaries who also make contributions to a local society in a business or non-profit organization. This position provides opportunities to integrate the missionary into the community and culture while establishing credibility and building trust.

This program is perfectly suited for students who wish to pursue graduate studies, such as a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Arts: Ministry. The B.A. in Cross-cultural Business Administration program is 127 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Missionary
  • Manager, international business
  • Manager, nonprofit organization
  • Owning your own business
  • Community organizer

Career resources

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008/09 Occupational Outlook Handbook: Management and Business and Financial Operations Occupations. Here you will find a comprehensive list of management, business and financial careers. For each career path, information is provided regarding the nature of the work, the training and qualifications required, the job outlook, typical earnings, and links to other informative websites.

  • WetFeet. This is a website with extensive information on careers and industries, designed for undergraduate and graduate students. Includes detailed descriptions (requirements, job outlook, career paths, compensation) of several dozen types of business careers, and several dozen industries in which such career opportunities exist.

  • The links page for the Global Opportunities organization, a promoter of "tentmaking" in the missions field. It includes links to information on business-as-mission, as well as links to similar organizations and to typical employment opportunities in the field.

  • The "Business as Mission Resource Center" site. In addition to the organization's own information on the subject, the site includes links to other useful sites and information on relevant books, articles and journals on the subject of "tentmaking."

  • This site is associated with the book "God Is At Work" by Ken Eldred. It includes links to many international organizations promoting business-as-mission, or actually engaging in business-as-mission activities. The emphasis is on simultaneously meeting significant spiritual and economic needs in the developing world.

Interesting Courses

  • Intercultural Communications
  • Principles of Management
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Management for Small Business
  • Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Strategies for Mission

Real World Opportunities

Students in this major are permitted to choose between a Business Internship (in which they must complete a minimum of 140 hours of supervised, typically paid, work in a business organization) and a Ministry Practicum (a seminar focused on developing the student’s readiness for servant leadership).


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Featured Student

Photo - Bryce Wilson

Bryce Wilson
Cross-Cultural Business Administration Major

"After I graduate, I'm planning to work overseas doing humanitarian work. The Cross-cultural Business Administration program at Hope is preparing me to understand and adapt to cultural differences I may encounter. At the same time, my business classes are helping me understand economics and how healthy organizations function. It has also been great to be in small classes where I can get to know my classmates and professors on a personal level."