B.S. Intercultural Studies (Missions)

At Hope, the Intercultural Studies major is offered completely online. The program is designed for working professionals seeking cross-cultural ministry and leadership skills for application in mission organizations, the local church, and para-church organizations.

The coursework promotes personal and spiritual growth by emphasizing Christian values, ethical principles, and effective interpersonal communications in diverse settings. Students experience a blend of biblical and professional courses that equip them with a solid foundation in Godís Word for ministry and practical skills. The program also integrates a mission thread throughout the coursework, helping students place all of their studies in the context of Christís mission in the world. Graduates may continue on to Hopeís Master of Arts: Ministry with a concentration in Intercultural Studies.

Online courses provide an interactive learning environment through online video lectures, online discussion threads, and an online drop box where you can virtually submit your assignments. Best of all, you can log-on to view lectures, participate in threaded discussions, and submit assignments any time of night or day!

The B.S. in Intercultural Studies program is 120 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Missionary (Local and Abroad)
  • Mission Support Personnel (Local and Abroad)
  • Missions Pastor (Local Congregations)
  • Mission Teachers

Interesting Courses

  • Intercultural Communications
  • The Church in Context
  • Personal Development of the Intercultural Minister
  • Intercultural Leadership and Teamwork
  • Ministry in Context

Real World Opportunities

The Intercultural Studies program concludes with a Field Practicum that is completed at a mission organization, local church, or para-church organization. Students are assigned a successful mentor in their chosen area of interest with whom they interact and debrief during the Practicum. This experience provides a supervised context for students to implement and practice much of what they have learned through the Intercultural Studies major.