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Taking Care of the Total Student

When you attend Hope, you're part of a community that offers you a strong network of personal support. From obtaining counseling to overcome a personal challenge, to arranging a regular workout at the Harris Fitness Center, our campus resources exist for one reason: to help you feel your best and perform better at the university and in life.

Hope Counseling Center

Photo - Fitness CenterThe Hope Counseling Center provides high quality counseling and consulting services at a low cost to University students, faculty and families as well as to the local community. An extension of the Department of Psychology and Counseling's Marriage and family Therapy program, the Center's trained graduate students assist clients in overcoming a range of challenges. Therapists and counselors also treat serious clinical issues. To arrange an appointment, call (714) 879-3901, ext. 1266 or (714) 681-7225.

Del & Ann Harris Fitness Center

Photo - Del & Ann Harris Fitness Center
You will find the Del & Ann Harris Fitness Center on the first floor of the Lawson-Fulton Student Center. It is available to current students, staff, faculty and alumni. Athletic teams use the Center for conditioning and training as part of the university's sports program. Generally, the Center is open the same hours as the Student Center. Proper identification is required to use the facility.

Substance Abuse Prevention

HIU is committed to providing a healthy and safe community. All incoming students are presented information on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and about the services of the HCC during New Student Orientation. Educational literature and programs are also made available throughout the year.

If you or someone you know needs help concerning drug, alcohol, or substance-related abuse, please contact the Hope Counseling Center (HCC). Any university employee can assist you in connecting with the HCC. This resource is available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Hope Counseling Center: (714) 879-3901 ext. 1266
Student Affairs: (714) 879-3901 ext. 2311
In case of an emergency, call 911