Servant Leaders in Action: Social Services

Holding Out Hope


Paul Larsen (BA '96, MA '98) serves the Orange County community in remarkable ways. He both works with patients at the Juvenile Drug Court and runs a private practice in Tustin, CA. Larsen believes that the education he received at Hope greatly influenced his ability to successfully work with patients.

It was during his years at Hope that Larsen received his calling to help others through providing professional counseling services. His professors played a large role in clarifying this vocation. His faith in God was strengthened and his life perspective refined. Because of this preparation, Larsen treats his clients with the utmost care and concern, regardless of their varied backgrounds. Larsen shares the inspiration behind his accepting attitude toward others: "Christ invited the company of everyone regardless of their lifestyle. I attempt to do the same."

Larsen also met his wife, Cindy, during his time at Hope. They now have two children, a son, Cole, who is age four, and a four-month old daughter, Abigail.

Larsen is living out Hope's mission statement: ".empowering students through Christian higher education to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ."