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Jennifer Hope Webster (B.A. '86) is the Founder, President, and CEO of the Christian non-profit organization, Chat with Ministries, Inc.

Chat with God began in 1999 and officially became a non-profit in 2004 when Webster saw the need for partnership between the many non-profit organizations. She believed that they could be more effective in strength if they were united.

Chat with God provides a global prayer site and global service directory containing a large number of non-profit organizations. They also offer a variety of service projects to the local, national, and global community, as well as short-term missions trips. Service projects serve many different groups, including teens, pastors and leaders, the poor and needy, homeless, prisoners, those dealing with AIDS, etc.

Webster has authored many Christian resources: "Chat with God: Prayer Journal" in many languages (, "God's Secret Wisdom: The Art of Daily Living Biblically" (a free e-Book download on, and many more.

Says Webster about her education at Hope, "Those years were some of the most formative and memorable times in my life in terms of Christian influence. It was the key to my purpose with Christ and continued friendships with roommates from 1983!"

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