Earn Your Degree Online - Anywhere, Any Time

Online StudentOnline learning allows you to take courses with Hope from virtually anywhere in the world, any time you have access to the Internet. Through Hope International University Online, you can interact with Hope professors, other students and take advantage of state of the art learning resources at the place and time that best fit your busy schedule. Choose from a variety of undergraduate and masters level courses. We offer some degree programs 100% online while others include a combination of both online and on-campus delivery.

Our online support makes learning off-campus convenient and easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can earn classroom credit — or even a bachelor's degree or master’s degree — with the same individualized attention, class interaction and academic integrity as students who attend courses on campus. Online courses offer video lectures from professors, “real time” chat, discussion forums and assignment drop boxes to make your learning experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible. It is truly a unique and efficient way to attend class. Test Drive an Online Course Today!

“Who would have thought, even 10 years ago, that a person could earn their MBA at home, on the road, in their pajamas or on vacation with their family? Hope Online is the ideal way for anyone in any phase of their life journey to pursue a graduate degree. If you have a laptop and the desire to learn, this program is for you.”

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Online Learners FAQs

Q. Are online classes accredited?
A. All Hope Online courses are regionally accredited and maintain the same academic rigor as campus-based programs.

Q. What kind of support does the online student receive?
A. Hope uses the latest eCollege™ software, which allows you to download course materials, access library resources, submit assignments, interact with students and professors and contribute to ongoing class discussions. This supportive, student-centered learning environment enables you to collaborate with fellow learners in multiple time zones.

Q. Do I have to attend my online class at a certain time?
A. No. One of the advantages of online education at Hope is the opportunity to log in and attend class whenever it is convenient for you, day or night. Without the worries of commuting or class schedules, you can receive a quality education from a respected institution of higher learning.

Q.What is the “eCompanion?”
A. eCompanion is a separate website Hope online students visit to receive posted syllabus, resources, assignments and other materials for each course. The advent of this amazing technology has transformed online education into a truly interactive, personal way to learn. Through the eCompanion, professors can do virtually anything they could do in a face-to-face classroom setting. Online courses typically include:

  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Readings and Other Resources
  • Group Assignments and Other Projects
  • Threaded Discussions
  • Quizzes and Other Evaluations
  • Links to Library Materials

Q. How does a typical online classroom session work?
A. Each course unit remains “open” for a specified period of time. During this period, students log in several times to view readings and presentations, complete assignments and contribute to ongoing discussions.