Press Release

Hope International University and Dongseo University
Signing Ceremony - January 24, 2011

For the past 10 years Dongseo University and Hope International University have enjoyed a growing and deepening relationship. It has been built on mutual respect and a commitment to Christian higher education. Our two schools share a common heritage in the Christian Church and the mission of both institutions is to prepare men and women to assume positions of responsible leadership in our world. We want our graduates to demonstrate integrity and Christian character in whatever career they pursue.

Both schools also recognize the importance of global awareness and we want to instill within our students an understanding of healthy international relations and how working together is of vital importance.

Today marks the beginning of an expanded partnership between Dongseo and Hope. We will be welcoming 100 students each year to study with us here in Fullerton as well as visiting professors and staff. Together we will be expanding programs to serve the growing Korean community in Southern California.

Fullerton has been designated as “The Education Community” and we are fortunate to be a part of a progressive city that values education at all levels. HIU has been located here for 38 years and during that time there have been many positive changes in the school and the city. Among them is the growth of the Korean-American community. Today, of the top 100 cities with Korean populations, number one is Los Angeles and number eight is Fullerton. If you consider all of Orange County, we have the third highest Korean-American population in America behind Los Angeles and New York. This summer, the city will host the 16th Annual Korean-American Sports Festival as it welcomes 6,000 amateur athletes to the competition.

Our vision is for this enhanced relationship between Dongseo and Hope to be a source of new educational opportunities for these citizens. One such program is to assist Korean school teachers who want to improve their English instruction skills. This fall we will be working together to host 20 teachers from the Pusan School District who will be studying for one month on campus at Hope and then be placed in local schools for three additional months.

I have visited the Dongseo campus in Pusan several times and I can assure you, they have truly earned their reputation as one of the top ten universities in Korea. They have outstanding facilities and there is a contagious spirit of enthusiasm. Whatever they undertake is done with excellence and is always in the best interest of their community.

We believe there are a variety of needs that we can meet together and we are honored to have this exceptional university on our campus and as part of our outreach to the surrounding community. It is indeed an honor to enter into this partnership and I look forward to the ways God will bless our efforts.

Dr. John Derry, President
Hope International University

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