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12/09/10 Fullerton, CA - Mobile Website Now Available for Hope International University Online Students

Mobile Website Now Available for Hope International University Online StudentsHope International Universityís online students now have a more convenient way than ever to access their online program by using the Pearson LearningStudio new mobile website, offered with HIUís online educational platform, eCollege. By using any mobile phone model with internet connectivity, students will be able to view their course, post, and read information pertinent to their online courses.

This is a significant benefit for students in that it will allow them to be more efficient and connected to their classes. Once logged in to their mobile website, students will be able to keep track of key due dates and deadlines in their courses, as well as read and post to threaded discussions.

The functions of an eCourse have been streamlined into two main tabs. The Happenings tab provides a list of events that will happen or have happened in a studentís course, including elements such as new thread posted, assignment due dates, and grades posted. The Discussions tab provides students a mobile view of the threaded discussions in their courses so that they can respond to topics or other userís responses with a title and text message.

"eCollege mobile will provide our online students quick access to check their grades, syllabus, or start an online discussion while there in line, or waiting for an appointment," says Teresa Smith, Vice President for Enrollment Management. "This is a great tool for the online student that will help maximize their time."

The number of students taking online courses at HIU has increased steadily over the last few years, showing that adults are intent on furthering their education in a format that is convenient and fits their busy lifestyle. HIU has over 250 online course offerings, and is a leading university in online education.

Current programs offered completely online include bachelor degrees in Business Administration, Christian Ministry, Human Development, and Intercultural Studies. Online graduate degrees offered include business programs (MBA), multiple education programs including credentialing, and ministry programs.

The mobile site does not require any downloads, apps, or licensing fees. The URL to access the mobile site is

To learn more, visit Pearsonís LearningStudio website here or contact HIUís Admissions for online programs at 888-352-HOPE and

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