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2/10/10 Fullerton, CA - Hope International University Announces Plans to Establish Five New Colleges

Hope International University (HIU) announces plans to redesign the institution to more effectively meet the educational needs of the 21st century. The two current Schools within the university will become five distinct colleges laying the foundation to add new programs, enhance existing majors, and introduce the latest online learning opportunities for all students.

The traditional model of college education is changing and will continue to do so in response to a variety of influences. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “College of 2020 Study” reports, “The idyll of four years away from home—spent living and learning and growing into adulthood—will continue to wane. It will still have a place in higher education, but it will be a smaller piece of the overall picture. More students will attend classes online, study part time, take courses from multiple universities, and jump in and out of colleges. Students will demand more options for taking courses to make it easier for them to do what they want when they want to do it. Colleges must be ready to offer those options.”

President John Derry states, “It is to this changing environment that Hope International University is responding as we make these strategic adjustments in our delivery model. We are committed to remaining true to our Mission and Core Values while embracing innovation with excellence. We have been investing significant resources over the past several years in anticipation of this exciting opportunity to continue preparing outstanding leaders to serve in our communities, schools, businesses, and churches.”

The five colleges to be formed will include both graduate and undergraduate programs. The new colleges will be: Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Psychology and Counseling, College of Education, and the College of Business and Management. Additional colleges are under consideration in the University’s long range plan. This new structure will allow Hope to more effectively use faculty resources and to expand and improve upon the services offered to students, the community, and constituents.

Taking the lead in this new development is Dr. Paul Alexander, who was recently appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Alexander has served HIU for the last fifteen years in a variety of leadership roles that have left an indelible mark on the advancement of the University including, Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Science for Pacific Christian College, Professor of Psychology and Leadership, Director of Distance Learning, and Director of the Center for Leadership Learning.

Mr. Michael Mulryan, formerly the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations at HIU, is the new Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Mr. Mulryan’s exceptional leadership for the last three-plus years has benefitted the University in numerous tangible ways, including an all-time high in alumni giving and an increase of 91% in unrestricted giving.

Mrs. Teresa Smith has been named to the newly created position of Vice President for Enrollment Management, and will oversee student enrollment for the entire University. As the Director of Graduate and Adult Admissions for the last three years, Mrs. Smith has been instrumental in coordinating the operation of several education centers and online programs.

HIU is currently engaged in the development of the next phase of its strategic planning efforts focused on the years 2010-15. The academic and administrative restructuring underway is designed to accommodate this next stage of development in a school that was established in 1928 and has a history of meeting challenges with a spirit of determination and hope.

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