Dedicated Missionary and HIU Alumna Leah Moshier Passes Away

Leah Moshier and Dolly Chitwood
Leah Moshier and Dolly Chitwood

Lifelong missionary Leah Moshier (BA '45, MA '58, D.D. '93), who had committed herself to serving at the Kulpahar Church of Christ Mission in Kulpahar, India, passed away on November 3, 2011 in India. She was surrounded by her children and loved ones at the time of her passing. Leah was buried the same day next to her beloved friend and missions partner Dolly Chitwood (BA '57, D.D. '93) who passed away in 1995.

Known by many children in Kulpahar as "Auntie," Leah was a dedicated and compassionate worker who spent 65 years advancing both education and Christianity throughout India, impacting the lives of countless individuals along the way. Her significance was clearly visible when, following her death the morning of November 3rd, many members of the Kulpahar village came to pay their respects to the woman who was a constant source of encouragement, love, and spiritual guidance.

After graduating with a degree in Church Ministry from Pacific Bible Seminary (now Hope International University), Leah sailed to India with Dolly where they purchased property and established the Kulpahar Kids Home and School. They opened their doors in 1947 and took in 11 orphans and served schoolchildren from the village. From there the mission only grew.

Less than ten years later, in 1955, the Kids Home and School had government approval for educational and medical activities, featured a new school building and housing units, and had served 65 children. Another big change came in 1978 with the implementation of a full-scale medical clinic, complete with modern equipment, a resident doctor, and nurses.

Today, what began as small building on a veranda with just one teacher and a blackboard has grown into a multi-story complex with 30 teachers. Over 400 students now take courses from kindergarten through twelfth grade, and the medical clinic continues to serve and save countless impoverished persons every year.

Over 800 students have “graduated” from the Kulpahar Kids Home and School and they have gone on to become Christian nurses, teachers, preachers, and business leaders in India. Some have even chosen to dedicate themselves to serving at the mission that saved them.

For their outstanding work in God’s service and as recognition of the University’s love for and confidence in them, Leah and Dolly both received Honorary Doctorates in Christian Missions in 1993 from Hope International University. At that same time the Chitwood/Moshier Scholarship was established to help Hope students. The pair was also inducted into Hope's Ministry Hall of Fame.

Leah is survived by the hundreds of children she loved as her own in Kulpahar.

Donations in Leah’s honors can be made to the Kulpahar Church of Christ Mission by visiting or mailed to Kulpahar Kids home, Attn: Ann Huffman, P.O. Box 32574, Phoenix, AZ 85064.

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