HIU Partners with Local Church to Train Christian Leaders

Hope International University is partnering with Eastside Christian Church to take world-class Bible teaching beyond the walls of academia. Partly inspired by Hope’s own School of Advanced Leadership Training (SALT), the Eastside Institute for Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development offers one- and two-year programs focused on helping students develop a new level of faith, commitment, and leadership, both in their personal lives and in the life of the church.

The Institute meets on the Eastside Christian Church campus and is flexible enough to include people from any educational background and of any academic ability. “It’s for new believers who want to better understand their faith, those who would love to study the Bible more but can’t attend college full-time, anyone with a desire to pursue God’s calling into ministry, and potential leaders in any area of life,” says the Institute’s website.

The program consists of four terms: two first-year terms beginning this fall, and two second-year terms starting in the fall of 2014. Courses will be taught by professors from HIU and pastors from Eastside Church. Upon completion of the first year, students will be awarded the Certificate in Biblical Studies; upon completion of the second year, they will be awarded the Certificate of Pastoral Leadership. Both certificates are awarded by HIU. In addition, for each completed term, students may receive up to three credits from HIU, which can be applied to a degree program. Participation over the course of four terms, within a two-year period, allows students to earn up to 12 credits to apply toward a Hope degree.

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