Hope International University Recognized for Implementation of Mángo Languages Through Darling Library

Mango Languages

Hope International University (HIU) was recently mentioned at the American Library Association meeting for its successful implementation of Mángo Languages.

Mángo Languages is a language learning program that teaches users how to converse with native speakers. It focuses on conversational speaking and personal interaction rather than reading and writing. More than 20 languages are available to choose from such as: Spanish, Korean, Latin, and even Pirate.

Mango accessible via Smartphones
Mango is easily accessible on smartphones.

Being that HIU is an internationally focused university, Mángo was incorporated into the computer system at the Darling Library in January of 2011. With all of the international exchange students HIU receives and all of the students who go on mission trips, Mángo is an essential program to offer the HIU community.  The program provides the user with an audio and visual pronunciation which helps them clearly see and hear how to correctly pronounce a word. Not only does the program teach the user vocabulary and pronunciation, but it also provides a variety of indispensable etiquette tips that apply to each culture.

HIU offers Mángo to its students, faculty, and alumni at no charge. Students and faculty can access the program through their HIU accounts and create their own personal account on the Mángo database from the HIU library website. Alumni can use their username and password to access an account. Mángo is accessible on computers and is a downloadable application for mobile devices including: iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.

A simple to understand program, Robin Hartman, Director of Library Services said, “It’s as easy to use as Words with Friends.”

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