National Convention Inspires Tribune Staff

Model UN Team

For four days, members of The Hope International Tribune represented Hope International University at the 28th Annual Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) National College Journalism Convention. Editor-in-Chief, Beatrice Krause; Sports Editor, Marla Afuang; Assistant Section Editor, Connor McClain; Staff Writer, Chris Gibson; and Advisor, Beth Lee spent March 1 – 4 in Seattle, Washington attending workshops and presentations, listening to keynote speakers, and networking with other publication staffs.

ACP gives students the chance to see how their publication compares to others from across the continent and to learn what they doing well and what they need to work on. By attending sessions hosted by industry professionals, students can also enhance their career skills and find inspiration.

“Being at ACP is such a valuable time to remember exactly what we are passionate about and why we joined staff initially,” Krause said. “It inspires every attendee to be creative and to use the remainder of the semester to improve.  That is exactly what we as a staff hope to do in our last four issues: we want to make continual progress in better representing HIU’s community.”

Every year, Krause is excited to see how well the Tribune compares with other student publications. She and others at ACP are continually impressed that even with a smaller staff, budget, and student body, the Tribune manages to put out a great product.

The Tribune once again entered the Best of Show competition where last year they won a national award. Though they did not come away with a win this year, that does not mean they left the convention empty handed. “I feel that each member of our team has been able to take away not only resources that will help us more effectively serve our community, but creative ideas to broaden our readers’ experience,” said Lee.

Krause expanded on this statement saying the Tribune serves a much larger purpose. “Although it was disappointing to not win an award, especially when considering all of the hard work that we put in to the newspaper, it was a reminder of exactly why we do what we do,” she said. “It is not for recognition, but rather because we want to provide a useful, interesting, informative, and fun resource for HIU.  We want to represent our community.  That is what drives our staff.  If we had another motivation, all of the hard work would not be worthwhile.”

One of the best aspects of ACP is providing an opportunity for students to interact and network with other staffs from throughout the U.S. and Canada. Once again the Tribune staff represented HIU well and took the opportunity to learn from their peers. “I am continually impressed with our students and how they present themselves with such dignity and openness to the experience,” Lee said. “I think they do a great job of maintaining a balance in that they are confident in what they know, but open to learning from others.  This is what helps us come away from ACP with a wealth of knowledge we otherwise would miss out on.  They treat their colleagues with respect and remain very welcoming.  You cannot ask for much more.”

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