Publications Students Attend National Convention in San Francisco

Seven members of Hope International University’s Student Publications team are heading to San Francisco to participate in the 29th Annual Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) National College Journalism Convention. Beginning February 28 and finishing on March 3, the ACP convention hosts publications students and advisors from over 100 schools nationwide.

The Hope students attending ACP are Lampas Yearbook member, Alyssa Heftman, Assistant Section Editor; and The Hope International Tribune members Mieun Jung, Photographer; Cecelia Nava; Arts & Entertainment Editor; Marina Olmos, PR Representative; Agnes Park, Assistant Section Editor; and Alicia Shewmaker, Photo Editor. Accompanying the students are Advisor Beth Lee and publications alumna Stephanie Coats (BA ’11).

In addition to networking with other students and advisors, the group is looking forward to developing themselves personally and professionally by attending workshops, lectures, and critiques. They will also submit an issue of the Tribune to the Best of Show competition. Two years ago the paper took home its first national award.

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