New Study Abroad Opportunity for HIU Students in Israel

Dr. David Matson, Professor of Biblical Studies for Pacific Christian College, solidified a new study abroad opportunity for HIU students with the Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary in Nazareth, Israel. This program begins in the fall, 2010, and is open to students majoring in Biblical studies or preaching. While there, the students will complete four courses that will transfer to their program of study. The program is available both fall and spring semesters. Regular tuition prices apply.

Dr. Matson states, “This is a tremendous opportunity for students to have a quality academic experience in the context of the homeland and home city of Jesus of Nazareth. We are very excited about the potential of this program to broaden our student’s hermeneutical horizons. Once they get over there, they will never view the Bible or themselves the same way again.”

An interterm study abroad opportunity is also available to students of other majors. The course offered to these students is “Christianity and Islam” and lasts for three weeks. Travel throughout Israel is also part of the course.

Please contact David Matson with questions or inquiries at or (714)879-3901 ext. 1287.

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