ESL Program


Dongseo University (DSU) is Hope’s sister university in South Korea. Every year, DSU sends a group of students to study English at Hope. Here are some of their thoughts on their time here.

Photo - Masayo, Japan Ji Woong Park (Genie)
“There are very kind staff and nice professors to help you at Hope International University. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy studying at Hope. There are many events and opportunities that can help you learn English. My favorite part of the ESL program was that the teachers lead each student in an enjoyable way to learn English.”

Photo - Masayo, Japan Minah Yang (Mina)
“I had a lot of fun during my two semesters here at Hope. I met many amazing people and had a great educational experience at the same time. The time that I studied hard at Hope was really good for me, and I loved it. I'll never forget this experience for the rest of my life.”

Photo - Masayo, Japan Yunmee Lee (Angela)
“This program has really helped broaden my horizons. I have experienced so many things: beautiful nature, cultural differences/similarities, and of course English…I met a lot of people here and I want to say that HIU community is really awesome. They love each other and they care about each other. I’m so glad that I was a part of the community. It is my pleasure that I studied English at HIU. I’ll never forget this precious time.”

Photo - Masayo, Japan Seong Jin Kim (Kevin)
“Studying abroad was a new challenge for my life. Not only my English improved but also I thought about many things through the experience in America. Studying abroad made me a better and worthier person. I am so looking forward to my future.”