B.A. Biblical Studies

At Hope, the Biblical Studies major grounds students in the knowledge and interpretation of the Old and New Testaments and prepares them for a wide variety of career opportunities, including preaching and teaching in the local church. Hope Biblical Studies graduates also move on to careers that value the ability to analyze, contextualize, and interpret information, such as law, journalism, or secondary education.

This program also provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in religion and a possible career in academic teaching in the university or seminary setting. A Biblical Studies major will gain wide exposure to the variety of literature found in the Bible, informed by the best of critical scholarship and inspired by the desire to pursue research in service of Christís mission through the church.

The B.A. in Biblical Studies program is 126 units.


Career Opportunities

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Para-church Leader

Interesting Courses

  • Apostolic Hermeneutics
  • New Testament Greek
  • Upper division courses in Old and New Testament
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Real World Opportunities

All Biblical Studies majors must complete a minimum of three semesters of internship under the guidance of a mentor in the local church. Students will be paired with mentors who share the studentís career passion and goals. For example, if a student desires to pursue a career in scholarship or teaching, churches that offer the best opportunities for the student to hone his or her classroom skills will be sought. In some instances a student may serve as an intern for a Biblical Studies professor, assisting in teaching, grading, and other scholarly or pedagogical activities as determined by the professor.


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Featured Student

Photo - Jessica Ruf

Jessica Ruf
Biblical Studies Major

"I appreciate the fact that professors intentionally invest in studentsí lives outside of class. It isnít uncommon to be invited to a professor's house to eat a hamburger, to discuss theology, and to play a little Wii. It isnít uncommon to share dinner with a professor in the cafeteria swapping stories about college experiences; and it isnít uncommon to travel across the world with a group of students and a professor to volunteer at an orphanage. It isnít uncommon to discover that professors here at Hope are not simply teachers, but instead are life mentors."

Read about Jessicaís trip to Cambodia.