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Prepare for a Life of Impact and Purpose

What is your passion, your dream, your calling? Within Hopeís undergraduate program, youíll find professors committed to helping you find it and become all you want to be and all God has called you to be.

Every bachelor's degree builds upon a Leadership & Ethics core classes including social sciences, humanities, communications, natural science and biblical studies. From there, go on to explore a world of possibilities within your major. Undertake an internship, study abroad, get involved in community service. Expectations are high. Opportunities endless. The choices are yours.

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Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies

College of Psychology & Counseling

CSUF Statement
*California State University Fullerton is located across the street from HIU. Through partnership, academic programs that blend coursework from HIU and CSUF may be pursued by qualifying Hope students, thereby providing these students with some additional academic program options.

Contract Programs are subject to HIU approval of student applications to do a Contract Program, CSUF requirements and course availability. Students must be California residents to qualify as an HIU Contract Program Student. The completion time for a Contract Program may be longer than the completion time of other programs due to CSUF course availability.


Already thinking about getting a master’s degree or a credential after finishing your bachelor’s? HIU’s Fast Track puts you ahead of the game by allowing you to take transitional courses that will count toward both your bachelor’s degree and a future graduate program. Find out more at

Featured Student

Kelsey Dettman, Junior
Las Vegas, NV

"Spiritually I'm challenged every day by my classes and peers in the best way."

Featured Faculty

Photo - David MatsonDr. David Matson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

"The thing that has guided me in my own teaching philosophy is to be the kind of professor I'd want to have if I were a student."